Gaudi’s Treasures

Gaudí´s architecture has been studied from every point of view and, in many cases, has served as inspiration to writers, poets, painters, designers, sculptors, ceramists, cabinetmakers, artisans and jewelers, but in this case the accomplishment has gone much further, as it has permitted to materialize in volume projects that Gaudi had left as drawings or casts.

“Gaudi´s Treasures” is a unique collection, as for the first time it shows unpublished works of great Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. They are not works inspired by Gaudi´s forms, they are the same forms imagined by the architect, but changing the size and material.

Seven of the presented works are projects, that the world famous architect left in paper and plaster and that have never been exposed before. Eight other works are craftsmen´s recreations, reproduced from elements seen in Gaudi´s architecture and sculptures so that the conjunction of all materials presented on this exhibition could give a fuller vision of his work. The exhibition includes 15 works made of precious metals and gemtones, such as emeralds, aquamarines, sapphires, garnets, amethysts and diamonds of different colors.

This collection is the result of a thorough study of Gaudi’s work, in collaboration with the Royal Chair, Archives and Museum of Gaudi and the Polytechnic University of Barcelona. The result, according to the experts, gives a complete overview of Gaudí´s work. The exhibition is accompanied by 74 panels, elaborated by this Chair, together with drawings, texts, photos and writings from his Archives and Museum.

Dtr. Joan Bassegoda Nonell