Spanish sculpture in precious metals

A selection of works, made of gold, silver and precious stones, by famous Spanish sculptors. It includes works by over thirty internationally renowned Spanish artists who bet on their artistic message transmitted not only through the forms, but also through noble materials: gold, silver and gems. Thus, this collection merges different types of art (created by nature and by man) in a comprehensive process of creation.

These works show the vast variety of styles, themes and materials. The sculptors have extracted all the expressive potential of gold and silver, applying different treatments and combining different finishes, hues and textures: gold and silver luster, non-luster, aged, rusty etc.. The works have also used the beauty of gems, such as tourmalines, citrines, amethysts, sapphires or topazes.

The collection includes works by sculptors that are considered classical, for example: Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Julio Gonzalez, Mariano Benlliure or Manolo Hugué. We also are very proud to present creations of many other brilliant contemporary sculptors like Eduardo Arroyo, Martin Chirino, J.Mª Subiracs, Pablo Serrano, A. Alfaro, P. Durrio, Villelia, D. Fita, J. Esteve Edo, Manuel Alvarez Carillo, Subirà Puig, Torres Monsó, Alfonso, De Soto, Cabanyes , Angles, Pladevall, E. Xargay, Costa or Ansón. This is constantly expanding collection, thus, the latest incorporations are works by Carmen Calvo and Esther Pizarro.

Julio Gonzalez PERSONAJE Paco Angles MASCARA Mariano Benlliure ALEGORIA II Eduardo Arroyo BORIS GODUNOV FIGURA_PICASSO