Precious Stones

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“Ornamentation. Richness. Testimony. Symbol. Document. Receptacle for the light after aeons of time in the dark. Form. Transparency. Structure. Colour. Light of nature. Fascinating reality. Spur to the imagination and sensitivity. Truth and illusion. Concorde or conflict between the nostrums of science and the manifold horizons of art. Configurations and perspectives. Raw material expressing perfection. Fountainhead of inspiration. Aesthetic quintessence. The arithmetic of dreams…
These – and much more – are the properties of the gems that express the miracle of their own beauty. This is why they enshrine enlightenment, refinement, the purest expression of beauty. Small wonder that language has also dubbed them as “precious stones”. Meagre definition for something so exceptional and multifaceted”

Vicente Aguilera Cerni (1920-2005)

This collection brings together approximately 250 000 carats of cut precious stones of all known varieties, some of the most stunning are: the topazes (over 38,000 carats), aquamarines (16,000 carats), emeralds (6,000 carats), rubies (10,000 carats), diamonds of all colours (3,000 carats), opals (7,000 carats), tourmalines (17,000 carats), sapphires (7,000 carats), amethysts, citrines, garnets, hiddenites, kunzites, heliodors, morganites, to name only few. Many of these gemstones weight over 1000 carats and present different cuts, colours and tonalities. This collection stands for unique combination of scientific, aesthetic and didactic values.

The collection can be exposed in whole or in parts, depending on the objectives, theme, available space, budget, etc.