From mine to arts

“…At some distant time in certain spots and under given social conditions, mankind unearthed in nature material that held trapped within its amber-slow metamorphosis a timeless awe, the stunned perception of perfection, of beauty, predestined to become the hallmark of handsomeness, the demonstration of wealth, refinement and culture. The step had been taken from nature to art, thanks to craftsmen and artists in collaboration with more or less prosaic valuations of the market, luxury, ceremony, contemplation, commemoration… The civilized testimony, now become a social phenomenon, belonged to rituals, signs and languages of a privileged type of communication…”

Vicente Aguilera Cerni (1920-2005)

This exhibition demonstrates a selection of the most outstanding pieces that form part of collections presented on this website.
It reveals the evolution of the entire cycle of gemstones: the process of mineral formation, crystallization, extraction, industrial phases of cut and smelting, artistic and craftsman techniques … until , finally, we can admire the enchanting beauty of a cut precious stone, or see it crimped on tapestry, or in sculptures by Picasso, Dali and other artists. In other words, seeing this exhibition one can understand the existing link between nature creation and human inspiration.

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