United Arab Emirates


A cultural collaboration agreement with the Government of the Emirate of Sharjah (UAE) enabled organization of several exhibitions between 2001 and 2007. Different collections, showed in the Emirates, had a big success and resonance in the media and in social, political and diplomatic circles of the Gulf area.

The monographic collection “The largest cut topazes in the world” included more than a hundred gems in their imperial, noble, golden, blue and colorless varieties; many of them weighted more than a thousand carats. The exhibition “Great Spanish Sculptors” presented works in gold, silver and precious stones of great Spanish masters, such as Picasso and Dali. Another exhibition was “Regal Tapestries”..

Corresponding to this exchange agreement, in November 2003 – January 2004 was organized the largest exhibition in Europe of “Contemporary Arab Art”. This exhibition was displayed in the historic building L’Almudí, Valencia, and showed paintings and sculptures by 50 artists from 17 Arab countries. Later it traveled to Germany and France.