All these collections have a mineralogy-gemology-art connection: some of them amaze with the variety of precious stones and unique specimens, others present gemstones crimped in regal tapestries and carvings in precious stones from different cultures, eras and continents, and at last gemstones are fused with precious metals in sculptures by famous Spanish artists. In addition to their high economic value, these collections englobe such values as cultural, historical and artistic, being exclusivity their main feature.

The Geoscience Foundation has full disposal of the exhibits and collections presented here. Among others there is a collection of cut gemstones of 42627.31 carats, as stated in the notary deed number 1793 of the protocol of Mr. Juan Bolás Alfonso, the notary of Madrid, dated 28-12-2005, and also other contributions provided by natural and legal persons through donation, purchase, assignment of rights, representation and other forms permitted by law, being these contributions altruistic, paid or compensated by the International Exchange Program with museums and institutions.