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The Fundación Geociencias (the Geosciences Foundation)  is registered under the number 716 with the Register of Foundations of the Spanish Ministry of Culture. It is a nonprofit organization and its purpose is the dissemination and promotion of Science, Arts and Culture. It was established in 2005 in the presence  of the solicitor Mr. Juan Bolás Alfonso, protocol´s number is 1793, featuring  that the Foundation owns the gemstones collection “Brazil” of 42,627.31  carats, destined for its corporate purposes.

Considering the particular impact of the Cultural Tourism on communication and diffusion between countries, the Foundation devotes special attention to scheduling of the major exhibitions, which are based on gems and precious metals, both in their natural state and mastered by great artists. For this aim, several large collections were formed previously, using the assets of the Foundation and others that the Foundation has a privilege to represent according to exclusive agreements with different foundations, institutions, companies, collectors and sponsors.

Therefore, the Foundation can offer unique exhibitions, corresponding to our corporate purpose, to the public in Spain and abroad. Along with the exhibitions, different activities are planned as well and they range from research till dissemination of information. These activities have different objectives, such as cultural, educational, social, but all of them are adaptable for all ages, languages and levels.

In the last decade the international exhibitions are conducted in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain in each country, as registered in the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. A touring presentation of these collections in the major capitals of the European Union is being prepared currently.